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February 21st, 2018    

Super Movie Bros: Black Panther Premium Review


It's been a while since Jay and Dave have sat down to do do a full review for a film. So for that reason this is an extra large sized review. There will be no full episode this week. Jay and Dave will return next week with Ep 85, in which Jay reviews Akira. 

Jay discuss all the things that they enjoyed about Black Panther, what they didn't enjoy, its larger place in the MCU, and discuss whether Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) is the best MCU baddie yet. And of course they give their movie grade.

In a special Trailer Park!!! Dave and Jay go in depth on Ant-Man and The Wasp and wonder what working inside an incredible shirking building would be like and if you could eat pez from that Hello Kitty dispencer in the trailer. Plus can they make us fall in love with Michelle Pfeiffer again through de-aging tech.

And Finally Jay and Dave go full spoiler on Black Panther and talk about the film in greater detail and speculate on the weight this adds to the Avengers: Infinity War. 

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February 17th, 2018    

Super Movie Bros Ep 84: The Chocolat Road Warrior


Jay jams out to sensual music in his car alone on his day off. Dave and his daughter have an adventure at the aquarium. 

Jay discuss two indie films Mommy and The Flordia Project. Dave discusses two horror films The Ritual and The Girl With All the Gifts. 

In Trailer Park we talk about the Venom and Deadpool 2 trailers that have recently dropped.

a Superbad craft beer segment. Christina has been pissed at Jay for not liking her beers so this week she gets payback on him.

In Movie Homework Dave is reminded that Johnny Depp was once extremely attractive and Jay understands why The Road Warrior is so beloved, but still isn't in love with it. 


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February 9th, 2018    

Super Movie Bros Ep 83: Fly Cloverfield Fly: On the Road to Super Bowl Trailer Park


Massive Super Bowl sized episode. 

Jay and Dave talk about how elated they are, and the entire city of Philadelphia is, the PHILADELPHIA EAGLES are Super Bowl champions. Dave gives relationship advice to Jay, and Jay will no doubt ignore it. 

After the shocking trailer during the Super Bowl Jay and Dave review Cloverfield Paradox on Netflix. Complete with a "complex" theoretical physics lesson.

All new craft beers for review, and a very special Super Bowl drunk scene from the post game wrap up. 

In what might be the largest Trailer Park SMB has ever done. With the worst intro ever sang, Dave and Jay talk about A Quiet Place, JW: Fallen Kingdom, Mission Impossible Fallout, West World, Sky Scrapper, Avengers Infinity War, and Solo a Star Wars Story. 

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February 3rd, 2018    

Super Movie Bros Ep 82: The Talented Mr.Candy


Dave and Jay discuss their lovely weekend retreat together in the montains of NE Pennsylvania and discuss some things that have been watching.

Then they run through this years Academy Award nominees for best film and have a brief discussion on each with comments from the twitter family. And overwhelming it seems we are all on the same page and rooting for Get Out...except Jay of course. 

2 new beers are reviewed and we discuss a drunk scene from a football movie with the Matrix guy.

Finally Jay gives his impressions on The Great Outdoors and Dave hated on the Talented Mr. Ripley for being way too long and having too much white privilege and predictable plot points.

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January 27th, 2018    

Super Movie Bros Ep 81: Movie Cocktail: Weird Science


SMB is back with an all new edition of Movie Cocktail. This time the bros are tackling John Hughes' classic Weird Science. The film was selected by Rob and won the twitter poll. Although Rob had never seen Weird Science, because he thought Weird Science was the same film as My Science Project. Marc and Dave can't get over how "weird" this fim is, its complete lack of science, and just how strange it is for a late 20's something to be attracted to two high school freshmen. While Jay and the rest ponder what happened to John Hughes, and discuss why he left hollywood. So get ready for just how strange the 80's were, and get drunk with your bros and talk about this movie.

This month's cocktail comes to us by Rob, host of the Fan Film Boyz Podcast. The cocktail is called The Electric Venus after the film's Japanese title. Here is the recipe

2oz Coconut Rum

1oz Mindoro Melon

0.5oz Blue Curacao

1.5oz of Sweet & Sour Mix

Serve over ice


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January 20th, 2018    

Super Movie Bros Ep 80: The Return of Movie Homework


It's the return of Movie Homework. Dave selects 3 films that Jay has never seen and he must report back on them in the coming episodes. And vice versa. Jay has been assigned to watch The Road Warrior, Akira, and The Great Outdoors. Dave will be watching The Talented Mr. Ripley, Little Children, and Chocolat. 

All new craft beer reviews with the last of our John Hughes movie drunk scene.

News on Avatar 2, Gambit, and a Kitty Pride movie. 

We breakdown the Venom movie set photo with Tom Hardy.

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January 14th, 2018    

Super Movie Bros Ep 79: SMB Top 5 Most Anticipated Movies of 2018


Jay and Dave catch up on what they've been watching. Jay had plenty of time to watch a bunch of things while he was sick and Dave has seen The Shape of Water and has a very brief review. 

In beers Dave and Jay have another John Hughes Drunk scene and review 2 more beers selected by their local beer store.

Finally They go over their Top 5 anticipaated films to come in 2018 and their honorable mentions.

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January 7th, 2018    

Super Movie Bros Ep 78: The Disasters & the Artists: Top 5 Best/Worst of 2017


Its been a lonf time since Jay and Dave have recorded with on another. Dave has seen a ton a movies while he spent the better part of 2 weeks being ill, including Three Billboards and Disaster Artsist. Meanwhile Jay has been hitting the slopes and maybe a few snow bunnies too (he wishes). Dave and Jay also discuss (spoiler-free) Season 4 of Black Mirror on Netflix.

Jay and Dave decide to skip Indie Corner this week infavor of reviewing a real Hollywood movie, The Diaster Artist. 

Beer reviews this month begin and the them is beers selected for us by out favorite beer peddler Christina at out local beer store. With a drunk scene from a John Hughes classic. 

Finally Dave and Jay reveal the results of our twitter polls about the best and worst films reviewed by SMB in 2017. And Jay and Dave discuss their personal Top 5 Best and Worst films in 2017. 


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December 30th, 2017    

Super Movie Bros Ep 77: Movie Cocktail: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas


Super Movie Bros. Dave and Jay are back w/ Rob of Fan Film Boyz Podcast and film maker Marc Dickerson of to discuss this month's Movie Cocktail.

The listeners have voted via twitter and the Drug Fueled Film they want us to talk about and make and original cocktail for is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

This is far different from other Movie Cocktails in that instead of JUST focusing on the film we spend a lot of time discussing the inspiration for the film and the writings of Hunter S. Thompson.

We also question the name of Jay's cocktail "Fear and Loathing in Hunter." And discusss the long storied history of this film being made as well as a metric fuck ton of behind the scenes shit you may, or may not have know. 

This month's cocktail recipe is for 

FEAR and Loathing in Hunter Cocktail

-2oz Wild Turkey (whiskey)

-1oz Tequila 

- 1oz Heineken Beer

-Coat your glass rim in salt

-Blend w/ ice

Inspired by the drinks that fueled Hunter S. Thompson himself everyday he breathed.

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Thank you for listening


December 23rd, 2017    

Super Movie Bros Ep 76: Holiday Cocktail: Gremlins


Happy Holidays fuckers. Don't go ringing no bells hoping angels get their wings. Instead wet your Mogwai and watch the madness that insues in this 1984 classic Gremlins. We discuss the Steven Spielberg produced Christmas Adjacent film with tons of love and facts on the film. We also make a new original cocktail for Gremlins.

The Gremlin Guts Smoothie 

- 2oz Melon Liquer

- 1 1/2oz Gold Rum

- 2oz Pineapple Juice

- 1/2oz Lemon Juice

- 1/2oz Lime Juice

*Blend with ice and drop a marachino cherry into the glass*

Be sure to enjoy this cocktail before midnight!


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