Ep 91: A Quiet Place for Fun: MCU Phase One


Jay has an awful experience as and extra in a movie. Dave's daughter has a head harder than Thor's Hammer. Sorry no new updates on Jay's love lfe.

Jay saw nothing, Dave briefly talks about Only The Brave with Josh Brolin and Miles Teller

Review for A Quiet Place, but Dave isn't so sure this film is as good as the rest world thinks it is. 

All new Trailer Park for Meg, Upgrade, and the final Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer, now with at least double the wookies. Don't just get the origin of Han Solo, you get the origin of everything he wears too. 

All new Craft Beer Reviews and another MCU drunk scene, this one is a deleted scene. Deep cuts!

Dave is joined by Wes of Via VHS and John from Now In Technicolor for MCU Phase One lighting round discussion. Six movies, five minutes to discuss each. Good luck keeping up. 

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