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Super Movie Bros Ep 45: Giggle Fits & Goddamn Michael Bay

May 20th, 2017

This week Dave and Jay discuss the Life Aquatic in Indie Corner. We drink beers from Fair Hope Brewing. Jay gets the giggle fits. And we discuss the franchises, films, and all around stuff that chaps our asses in hollywood.

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Super Movie Bros: Top 5 Favorite Film Franchises

May 17th, 2017

Dave and Jay are joined by Chris from The More Gooder Than Podcast to talk our personal top 5 film franchises. We have a ton of fun listing of the film series that make us love films.

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Super Movie Bros Ep: 44: Blade Runner 2049: From Gosling to Goose

May 13th, 2017

Jay and Dave had and interesting week for sure. Jay loses a girlfriend and Dave is back in the ER, but not for him this time...

Dave watched Batman and Bill on Hulu and has special shout out for Jake and Tom Conquer the World.

In Jay's Indie Corner, Jay discusses American Honey while Dave thinks his fake synopsis based on title alone would make a better film.

In Beer Reviews Jay and Dave drink to pints from clown Shows with positive results

In Trailer Park! Dave and Jay go through three new trailer for films previously discussed Wonder Woman (Final Trailer), Dunkirk (Full Trailer 2), and the first official trailer for Blade Runner: 2049. Complete with Daves's impression of Harrison Ford, Jay rambling, and Dave not being able to get word in edgewise. And Dave is not impressed with two of these trailers. Listen and find out which...

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Super Movie Bros: Minisode: Premium Review Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

May 10th, 2017

Jay and Dave are joined by Justin from So I Married a Movie Geek podcast to review Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. We have a ton of fun discussing the movie and reviewing it, first spoiler free then we give fair warning befor we spoil the shit out of the MCU's latest. We all fell like Mary Poppins y'all.

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Super Movie Bros Ep 43: The Defenders of The Dark Tower

May 7th, 2017

This week on SMB Jay went golfing and found out what clubbing with the over 40 crowd is like. Dave caught up on Archer season 7 and wonders about the future of the Alien franchise now that Ridley Scott has announced that the Neil Blomkamp Alien film is not happening.

In Jay's indie corner Jay talks about two indie films featuring vampires. Dave has a fake synopsis ready to go for these uniquley titled indie films

In beer this week Dave and Jay return to Flying Dog Brewing Co and talk about a fantastic porter The Gonzo Porter and one of their Brewhouse Rarities the Tamarind Ale.

In trailer park this week Jay is in love with The Defenders full trailer but Dave finds it gives too much away. Meanwhile Dave is stoked for The Dark Tower trailer which just dropped and Jay finds it lacking.

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Super Movie Bros Minisode: Spaceballs LIVE! w/ Trivia

May 4th, 2017

Super Movie Bros. Dave & Jay are live at Broken Goblet Brewery. We watch and then discuss the film with a live audience. We start off with trivia and prizes and then have a great time talking about the Mel Brooks classic Spaceballs.

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Super Movie Bros Ep 42: Kingsman 2 More Gooder Than Jay Thinks

April 29th, 2017

This week Dave watched a few indie films of his own. Dave revisits Whiplash and watches the John Krisinski written and directed film The Hollars with Anna Kendrick. Jay was too busy watching his indie film for Indie Corner and getting drunk a child's birthday party to watch anything else.

In Jay's Indie Corner Jay reviews the film Miss Sloane (2016) staring Jessica Chastain, and Dave barely knows who that is or what this film is about but he tries his best to come up with a fake synopsis for it. One that cracks Jay up.

In trailer park Jay and Dave discuss the trailer for The Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle. Dave does a lot of Frank Sinatra singing (Dave singing once is too much) and Jay is not impressed by the trailer at all.

Its the last show of the month which means this is a beer flight week. Jay provides 4 beers from Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co. A local favorite brewery of theirs.

Finally The Super Movie Bros. close out their week talking about the Alien Franchise and celebrating Alien Day by inviting Chris from The More Gooder Than Podcast on to discuss Alien vs Predator film with Dave.

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Super Movie Bros Minisode: Throwback Alien Day

April 28th, 2017

SMB discussion on ALIENS earlier this week got us excited about the franchise all over again. So we are throwing out a "Throwback" Episode. This is from Dave and Jay's old Podcast Movie Cocktail. Last year Dave sat down with his friends Marc and Kenny to discuss the first film in the franchise ALIEN (1979). We had a lot of fun doing this episode last year and we really want to present it to you today. Please forgive the quality as we were a very young podcast then. This is raw audio with very little editing. So please enjoy this minisode with a grain of salt.


Super Movie Bros Minisode: Happy Aliens Day

April 26th, 2017

Dave and Jay spend this minisode dedicated to ALIENS and talk about the making of the film, their favorite scenes, James Cameron the dictator director, and its comparison to the other films in the ALIEN franchise. Join Jay and Dave as they are on a one way express elevator to hell on the surface of LV426 as they talk all things ALIENS on 4/26.

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Super Movie Bros Ep 41: The Last Beer Guy

April 22nd, 2017

This week Jay and Dave start off with what they've been up to this past week. Both Jay and Dave went to the brewery for a pig roast and then partied down at Dave's house after.

Then Dave and Jay discuss the Netflix Series 13 Reasons Why and its emotional subject matter and their thoughts on the series as a whole.

In Indie Corner Jay selects Half Nelson directed by Ryan Fleck (One of two of the director's for Marvel's Captain Marvel) and breaks the 4th wall about his love of Gosling. Dave's synopsis is full of homoeroticism with a wink and a nod to Jay and his oh so real love of Ryan Gosling.

In beers they have the Southern Tier 2X Imperial IPA and their Imperial Ginger Ale reviews along with a bonus beer review sent in by Nick from Epic Film Guys Podcast. It is an Indian Pale Wheat beer from Upstate Brewing Co. And it is awesome!

Finally in Trailer Park! Dave and Jay break down the Last Jedi trailer and what the trailer implies for what is to come in Ep VIII as well as its implications on Star Wars philosophy as a whole. They also discuss Rian Johnson and why you should be excited to see a Star Wars film directed by him.

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