Ep 57 SMB Presents: Movie Cocktail Podcast: Starship Troopers


Welcome to Episode 2 of the revised and revamped Movie Cocktail Podcast, where we discuss a film selected by the listeners and make an original themed cocktail to go with it.

This time we are discussing Starship Troopers directed by sci-fi legend Paul Verhoeven. We discuss the film, the background and making of the film, as well as influences and of course the source material. Starship Troopers is a far deeper film than it appears to be on the surface. So get your clothes off and dive right in with us.

If you want to make the cocktail that we did in this episode, Jay's Fire Bug, to enjoy while you listen. Warning don't make it and drink it on your commute to work. Here is the recipe

2 1/2oz Jack Daniels Fire (Cinnimon Whiskey)

2 Dashed Bitters

1 Lime Wheel

Top off w/ Ginger Ale and Ice

Enjoy the drink

Enjoy the show

and make sure to follow us on Twitter @SuperMoviePod so you can vote for the next film we discuss.

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