Ep 50 SMB Presents: Movie Cocktail Podcast: Jurassic Park


Welcome to the first episode of the revised and renewed Movie Cocktail. Fans on Twitter voted for which film they wanted to watch and the Steven Spielberg classic Jurassic Park was selected.

This episode Dave and Jay are joined by our friend Marc and Host of the Fan Film Boyz Podcast Rob.

We discuss our earliest memories of Jurassic Park from seeing it at the drive-in to watching it in Australia. And one of the hosts may have been molested by a dilaphosaurus. We also drink a new cocktail created by Dave called the Mimosaraptor.

We dive deep into the film and discuss what makes Jurassic Park such a monumental classic, and whether or not it was Spielberg's last truly great film.

Then we get into the interesting facts and trivia that you may (or maynot) have known about the making of Jurassic Park. From a parkinson's riddled T-Rex to the effort it took to make some ripples in a cup of water.

Finally Jay tells us next month's category will be 90's Sci-Fi. So be sure to follow @SuperMoviePod on twitter to vote and find the recipe for this month's cocktail.

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