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November 10th, 2018    

Ep 121: Scaramouch, Scaramouch When You Do Top 5 Rock n’ Roll Movies




-Jay plays Uber driver for his friends on a Saturday night, discovers a new career path. Could he be a male hooker?

-Dave takes his daughter to the hell scape that is Charles Emmerson Cheese's and knows what torturous afterlife awaits him in hell.

-Jay finishes Daredevil S3, watches a very boring movie called 'Escape' on Netflix. And gives his thoughts on 'Sorry to Bother You'

-Dave watched and discusses 'The Chilling Tales of Sabrina' on Netflix and talks about Rick Grimes last episode on 'The Walking Dead'.

 5min(ish) REVIEW 

-Dave reviews Bohemian Rhapsody 

-Jay wishes he saw Bohemian Rhapsody


-Ridley Scott proves us wrong again as it is announced that the sequel to Gladiator is in pre-production. And Dave does is Ridley impression (again)

-Will Smith and Martin Lawrence confirm that Bad Boys 3 is 100% happening. 

-The DCEU movie 'Birds of Prey' has cast Ewan McGregor as the villain.

-The MCU has a new show coming to Disney Streaming. And it has Falcon and Winter Soldier.

-Attack on Titan has (another) live action film in development

-We learn the titles for the four Avatar sequels starting in 2020. They all make us laugh.


-Brought to by BLOWFISH get your hangover cure at and use promo code SMBFISH at checkout for a discount.

-All new drunk scene to fit with this week's rock n roll theme. 

-Two new craft beer reviews.


-Sometimes Dave and Jay's lists matchup. Sometimes they are far different.

-This Dave lets Jay be the anchor and Jay lets Dave down with his Number 1.

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November 3rd, 2018    

Ep 120: Sorry to Bother the Old Man Ridley Scott



-Jay has to balance Halloween with two friend groups, two parties, and two costumes. All without a lady on his arm as his dry spell continues.

-Dave goes to a wedding and dresses as a Ghostbuster and has some Kegs and Eggs for an early morning Eagles game. 

-Jay watches I Think We're Alone Now and discusses just how boring it is, as well as The Sister Brothers.

-Dave discusses his enjoyment for Daredevil Season 3.


-Deadpool 2 PG-13 more than just a DVD release re-cut.

-Disney re-booting Pirates of the Caribbean.

-Steven King sells film rights for $1.

-Fantastic Beast: Crime of Grindlewald expected to make fat stacks of cash.

-Godzilla vs King Kong casting news.

-Lucasfilm's Kathleen Kennedy officially announces the death of a Star Wars film.

Film Struck, struck down due to low subscribers.

-Avengers 4 casting news and leaked trailer. 

5Min(ish) REVIEWS

-Jay reviews The Old Man and the Gun.

-Dave reviews Sorry to Bother You. 


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-2 craft beer lagers are reviewed and an all new drunk scene from American Pie. 


-He is Dave's favorite person to impersonate.

-He Jay's most love and most hated director. 

-Dave and Jay run through the career of Ridley Scott, his triumphs, his downfalls. Plus Prometheus, and more. All while taking the piss out of the famed director just a little.

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October 31st, 2018    

Ep 119.5 Halloween Pt. 2: Michael Meyers vs Jason Vorhees: Franchise Fight



-Dave couldn't fit all of the Halloween goodness he wanted to discuss in one episode. So this .5 Ep was devised just to please him and his deviant little mind.

-We catch up Kim and Lauren and find out what Halloween is all about for parents. 

-Dave and Lauren dress up and play Ghostbusters at a wedding. 

-and Kim brings just all the boys to the yard. 


-Michael Meyers vs Jason Vorhees. Which slasher classic has the better, faster, stronger film franchise.

-Dave does briefs reviews and rundowns for every film in the Friday the 13th and Halloween franchises and ranks all the films worst to best.

-Kim and Lauren let loose on Jay for not knowing enough about horror, and having never heard of Pet Sematary. 


-Dave brings his wife Lauren along as they join Jay to break down the Pet Sematary (2019) trailer.

-Jay is assigned a new future Movie Homework for Pet Sematary (1989).

-Thanks for joining us for a 2nd time this week.



October 27th, 2018    

Ep 119: Halloween (2018) & Top 5 Horror Movie Kills



-Jay goes to a Halloween themed beerfest  and does not dress up. He pretty much did it wrong.

-Dave goes to a Halloween party and takes his daughter on her first rollercoaster in their costumes. 

-Dave and Jay discuss 3 very different horror film. The Loved Ones, Hold the Dark, & Summer of 84 


-Jay talks about the horror comedy Life After Beth and Dave has a fake synopsis.

-Dave follows up (just for the artist formerly known as ILLtalian) with his thoughts on Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House.


-Dave and Jay review Halloween (2018) complete with spoiler and non-spoiler sections.

-Dave tries to convince Jay that the rules are different for horror movies than your average movie.


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-Jay reviews a stout 'The Poet' and Dave is shocked to learn has never heard of Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven. So Dave plays a clip from The Simpsons to help explain.

-Dave reviews KUJO a coffee porter from Flying Dog.

-And of course there is a horror movie themed drunk scene that is more fun than frightening.


-Jay struggles, but ultimately pulls through with a top 5 list this week.

-Dave had to spend more time making this list than any other before.

-Send us your own top 5 Horror Movie Kills list on Twitter @SuperMoviePod.

For more Horror Themed content check out Dave on So I Married A Movie Geek Podcast where he does a Fantasy Movie Draft for Zombie Movies.

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October 20th, 2018    

Ep 118: First Man At the El Royale As a Star is Born



-Jay goes to an amateur wrestling match at a brewery and was so impressed we are getting him fitted for tights.

-Dave was on a work trip and sang in a Karaoke competition and despite his love for your ears. He sings on the show too. He also meet with fellow podacster Justin from Epic Film Guys

-Dave sees a hot chick while driving, only to find out it was his wife. 

-Jay does a re-review for Venom.

-Dave gives his early impressions on Titans and the DC Universe streaming app. 


-Jay discusses Leave No Trace with Ben Foster and Dave has a new fake synopsis for it about Jay’s Tinder life.


-Jay is joined by Lauren and Dave. Lauren has a bone to pick with jay over comments he made on her Facebook page.

-Dave is extremely excited for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse as they break down the final trailer and the 3 minute after credits scene from Venom.

-Lauren is excited to talk about the very brief teaser trailer for Aladdin.


-A word from our sponsor Blowfish. If you a fast cure for a hangover check them out and use our promo code SMBFISH.

-All new movie drunk scene from Bridesmaids.

-Dave and Jay review their final Oktoberfest beers of the season.


-The guys review 3 movies this week in a non-spoiler format with Bad Times at the El RoyaleA Star Is Born, and First Man

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October 13th, 2018    

Ep 117 A Turd In the Wind Venom Review and Top 5 So Bad Its Good Movies



- Dave and Jay are joined by their most valued Patreon Kim.

- Jay has a cold and Dave convinces him to be Slender Man for Halloween 

- Kim learns Dave and Jay record without underwear. Because that is the bra of the balls.

- Dave continues his comparing and contrasting of the Halloween series and the Friday the 13th series with Halloween III and Friday the 13th 3-D.



- Dave met up with Justin from Epic Film Guys Podcast 

- Dave reviews VENOM alone in his hotel room.

- So many things are wrong, so much is good, its a mixed bag. This movie inspired this week's top 5. 



- Jay and Dave continue their Oktoberfest beer reviews.

- A drunk scene from a movie Jay has never seen, From Dusk Til Dawn.


Top 5

- Kim joins Dave and Jay for our favorite SO BAD IT'S GOOD movies.

- Jay flirts with the good/bad line.

- Kim loves some truly awful films.

- Dave's taste in movies is highly questionable after this list. 

- From AvP to Origins Wolverine, Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo and beyond. There is some true shit on these lists.

- Reach out to us on Twitter (@SuperMoviePod) and let us know what your favorite bad movies to watch are. 



October 6th, 2018    

Ep 116 Dark Phoenix Brings the Hell Fest to Team America



-Jay is suffering from a cold.

-Dave went to a Bachelor and maimed children playing paintball and had a lovely candle lit dinner after splitting wood.

5min (ish) REVIEW 

-Dave reviews the new 2018 Halloween hopeful horror film Hell Fest. (I wish there was more to say but there isn’t...It’s just bad). 


-Kathleen Kennedy is here to stay with Star Wars. 

-Gambit film is delayed and it will be a "Romantic or sex fueled comedy."

-Ansel Elgort is cast to star in Steven Spielberg's West Side Story.

-X-Men Dark Phoenix is delayed (again) 24hrs after trailer drops.

-Bruce Dern is replacing Burt Reynolds in Tarantino's Once Upon a Time In Hollywood.


-Dave and Jay breakdown the X-Men: Dark Phoenix trailer.

-Dave is butt hurt over the X-Men timeline and cannot reconcile why no one ages in this franchise.

-Jay and Dave play conspiracy theorists over what the real reason for the delay of the X-Men franchise is...


-Sponsored by Blowfish hangover cure. Get your's at and use promo code SMBFISH

-This weeks Drunk Scene comes from The Shawshank Redemption.

-Jay reviews the Ballast Point Dead Ringer Oktoberfest and Dave reviews Goose Island Goose Oktoberfest beer.


-Dave assigns Jay Team America: World Police for homework in hopes that Jay will hate it...He didn't.

-Jay assigns Dave the Brie Larson indie darling Short Term 12. Dave has flashbacks to his old job with Jay.

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Thanks for listening. CHEERS!


September 29th, 2018    

Ep 115: The Crimes of Jay’s Top 10 Movie Scores



- Jay goes to a country music concert and sees Hootie, but doesn't meet any hotties.

- Dave watches American Vandal S2 and laughs about poop far too much for a 32 year old man.


- Disney streaming service 

   - MCU spin-offs coming to Disney Streaming

   - John Cusack replaced by Zoe Kravitz in Disney's High Fidelity series

- Ryan Coogler jumps on as producer of Space Jam 2 so maybe it'll actually come out after 5 years of talking about it

- Disney confirms the MCU to take over X-Men after merger. Kinda a no brainer right?

- Matthew Vaughn and FOX will make a Kingsmen 3, now with 20% more Tatum

- DC and Todd Phillips won't shut up about their Joker film with Joaquin Phoenix

   - DC also contiues to plan 900 movies w/ Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn including a Joker and Harley movie that is part This Is Us and part Bad Santa?

   - Casting news on the Birds of Prey film. 

- Bond 25 gets a "True" director

- Disney and Lucasfilm agree to slow down production of Star Wars films cause the goose that laid the golden egg has cancer


- Dave and His wife Lauren break down the trailer for The Wizarding World's Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

- Dave discusses his recent love for Harry Potter lore and how this movie will expand on it

- Lauren mostly makes fun of Jay


- Jay and Dave begin reviewing OKTOBERFEST beers

- All new drunk scene is Terminated

- Go buy some Blowfish would ya ( use promo code SMBFISH for 15% your order.

TOP 10: Movie Scores

- Jay not content with a list of 5 decided we needed to countdown our top 10 movie scores

- A very special thank you to listeners for making this a huge month for SMB

- Dave pleads with listeners to join our Patreon ( Get some cool shit and hear us do more stuff.

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September 22nd, 2018    

Ep 114 Top 5 Movie Remakes Plus The Predator and Mandy Reviews



-Jay struggles both in school and can't sing along with The Barenaked Ladied.

-Dave plays driving Miss Daisy with his wife and the rest of a bachelorette party, and hits on two elderly women. 

-Dave teaches Jay how to gracefully end a boring or awkward conversation. 

-Final impressions on Iron Fist Season 2 

- Check out our friend Lauren Wellbank's Huff Post article here: I Filed For Divorce 3 Months After My Wedding Day

5min(ish) REVIEWS

-Spoiler free Mandy review.

-Spoiler free review for The Predator. Check out our full spoiler review w/ The Epic Film Guys on their Ep 160 at


-Dave is joined by his wife Lauren to break down The Captain Marvel trailer. And of course Lauren takes every shot she can at making fun of Jay. 


-Dave and Jay review two new craft beers and share a drunk scene from The Departed.

-Check out our Beer Review sponsor Blowfish over at and use our promo code SMBFISH for 15% off your order.

-TOP 5 Movie Remakes

-Dave and Jay run through their personal favorite top 5 movie remakes, and maybe leave a few great ones on the table as well. Reach out to us on Twitter @SuperMoviePod to share your list with us.

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September 15th, 2018    

Ep 113 Batman Beyond w/ Michael Keaton?



-Jay does white boy things by playing in a golf tournament and attempting a trip to the US Open. 

-Dave goes up north and makes his wife watch Return of the Living Dead. 

-Impressions on Iron Fist S2 


-Jay reviews BlackKklandman a Spike Lee Joint.

-Dave reviews Alpha. The story of the first human/canine relationship. 


-Jay discusses American Animals and Dave hass a fake synopsis that ends with Jay's death, of course. 


-2 new craft beer reviews, check them out on Instagram @SuperMovieBrosBeer 

-Blowfish hangover cure. Get your's at and use promo code SMBFISH for 15% off

-All new drunk scene and drunk storis. What not to do in a drunk fight. 


-Jay and Dave discuss thhe zeitgeisst behind Michael Keaton returning as the Dark KNight.

-Dave discusses several scenarios tht could see him return.

-Batman Beyond and who should play Terry McGinnis.

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