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January 13th, 2019    

Ep 131: Our Brains on Drugs…Any Questions

-Dave and Jay catch up on their week and chat about what they've been watching.

-Jay breaks down the Golden Globe winners with Dave. An all new Indie Corner complete with fake synopsis from Dave for Juliette Naked.

-Two new craft beer reviews sponsored by Blowfish. Use promo code SMBFISH for your 15% off.

-Indie Podcast spotlight for the IMDB Journey Podcast.

-Finally, Dave and Jay field a variety of listener questions. Some movie related, others are hypothetical. One thing is for sure, you will learn which Will Smith movie characters the Super Movie Bros. would get jiggy wit. 

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Thank you for listening. CHEERS!

January 5th, 2019    

Ep 130 Top 5 Movies of 2018


-It's been two weeks since Dave and Jay have recorded together and they have a little catching up to do.

-Jay and Dave have both been re-watching and catching up on movies they missed in 2018 before doing their Top 5 list.

-Jay has a mini-review of Mary Poppins Returns.

-Dave does a mini-review for Back Mirror: Bandersnatch.

5Min(ish) REVIEW

-Dave and Jay do a spoiler free review of Netflix's Bird Box in 5ish mins.


-Jay and Dave have 2 new craft beers to review for you from Cape May Brewing Co. 

-Brought to you by our sponsor BLOWFISH. Go to and use our promo code SMBFISH for 15% off your order and cure hangovers for good.

-Indie podcast spotlight on Cult Movie Cult


-Dave recounts his days with a stomach virus concocted by the devil that caused him to expel the visuals described in Dante's Inferno into the toilet both orally and anally.

-Jay and Dave give their lists for their favorite movies (not the best, their favorite) of 2018.

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Good luck in 2019.



December 31st, 2018    

Ep 129: Name That Movie Theme in 8-Bit: Patreon Preview

SMB is taking one more week off before jumping into 2019. This week we decided to give everyone a preview of what out Patreon has to offer. So since Dave loves retro video games, especially the music, we thought it would be great to share our Patreon exclusive Ep 'Name That Movie Theme in 8-Bit' with everyone. If you enjoy this episode we have more over on our Super Movie Bros. Patreon.Check it out. And see you all in 2019 with all new episodes. 

Thanks for listening...CHEERS!

December 24th, 2018    

Ep 128 Love Actually Movie Cocktail Christmas Special

Ep 128 has to come a little early due to Christmas and so Dave and Jay can take a week off before the New Year.

Dave and Jay wish the listeners and close a very Merry Christmas and issue many thanks for this being SMB's best year yet. 

Its not all Christmas cheer. Dave and Hay bah humbug into a new Trailer Park for HellBoy (2019) and MiB: International. Trailer Park music composed by Thomas Iannucci. Check him out on Spotify.  

Jay signs off until 2019 and Dave is joined by Lauren for a Christmas Special Movie Cocktail on one of Lauren's favorite movies 'Love Actually'. And she makes an all new cocktail called the 'Whiskey "Solid Gold Shit Maestro" Sour'. Check out the recipe on our Twitter and Facebook pages or check out all Movie Cocktail recipes on the PODFIX website. Or just make it from the recipe here. 

-2oz Bullet Bourbon
-1 cup Cranberry Juice
-1/4 Cup Orange Juice
-3 TSP Lime juice
-2 TSP Lemon Juice
-1 TSP egg white.
*Poured over ice
*Mint leaves and cranberries for garnish
*Dusting of cinnamon spice on top of the froth


December 22nd, 2018    

Ep 127 Aquaman and Bumblebee Make an Instant Family


-Jay and Dave both go to holiday parties

-Dave discusses why he disliked Ralph Breaks the Internet and Jay reviews Vox Lux.

-Jay learns to speak English good with a little lesson from Dave while Jay discusses The Mule.


-Jay has a new little indie diddy that he want to discuss and Dave has a fake synopsis that he thinks would be better. This week's indie film is Roma.

5Min(ish) REVIEWS

-A massive quadfecta of movie reviews. All Spoiler free.

     -Aquaman (Reviewed by Dave)

     -The Favourite (Reviewed by Jay)

     -Instant Family (Reviewed by Dave and Jay)

     -Bumblebee (Reviewed by Dave)


-A word from our sponsor BLOWFISH.

-A drunk scene with a member of the Justice League.

-Two new craft beer reviews.


-Dave and Jay give their personal Top 5 Christmas Adjacent Movies. Movie that take place on or around Christmas, but Christmas is not central to the film's plot. 


December 15th, 2018    

Ep 126 Endgame Into the Spider-Verse


-Jay learns running takes practice.

-Dave has an anger inducing Santa adventure.

-Dave and Jay catch up on what they've been watching this week.


-MIB Spin-off w/ Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson gets an official title.

-DCEU announces it's 732nd movie in development.

-Kevin Hart is in...and then out...of hosting the Oscars.

-What to expect from comic creator Mark Millar on Netflix.


-Find out why Dave is not excited to pay for Once Upon a Deadpool.

-Go balls deep with us into the Avengers: Endgame trailer.


-Our sponsor BLOWFISH go to and use promo code SMBFISH for 15% off your order of the hangover cure.

-A Spider-Man drunk scene.

-Beers from New Belgium and Troeggs.


- Jay gets a headache from the color and quick pace of the movie.

- Dave is in love with Spider-People.

- Spoilers and indepth conversation. 

-A special thank you for the artist that made our new Trailer Park theme Thomas Iannucci.

Check him out on Spotify

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December 8th, 2018    

Ep 125: Top 5 Movie Fan Theories We Wish Were True


-Jay gets Wine drunk.

-Dave hates decorating for Christmas 

-Jay reviews Widows and Boy Erased

-Dave discusses the NETFLIX show F is For Family, Re-watches the Cornetto Trilogy, and The DC Animated film The Death of Superman.


-Surprise voice cast for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

-Another Disney live action movie in the works. This one with Tom Hanks.

-Marvel announces the first Asian led super hero movie.

-DC/WB announces the first Latin led super hero movie.

-MCU says Chris Evans is not done with Captain America.

-Fox winkie smacks Taron Egerton and states he is not done with Kingsman, and announces a prequel.

-Sony announces a spin-off to Into the Spider-Verse with an all female led cast.

-Casting news for Disney+ and The Mandalorian.

-Brief Trailer Park breakdown for Captain Marvel trailer #2.


-A word for our Sponsor Blowfish ( use our promo code SMBFISH for 15% off.

-Drunk scene from Fight Club.

-2 beers from Goose Island seasonal.

TOP 5 

-Dave and Jay give their Top 5 favorite fan theories that they wish were true.

-Dash Star on youtube breaks down Dave's #1 theory

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December 1st, 2018    

Ep 124 Creed II Review and Friendsgiving Too w/ Epic Film Guys


-For the first time ever we are joined by Nick and Justin of the Epic Film Guys Podcast for the entire show.

-Dave and Jay recount their Friendsgiving shenanigans and epic hangovers that resulted from it.

-Dave and Jay catch up with Nick and Justin about their Thanksgivings and what everyone has been watching. Jay finds out CAM on Netflix is too depraved, even for him. 

-Also Jay and Justin recount their days filming Creed II. Jay may have a face shot in the movie, but Justin got to meet the cast. 


-Brought to you by BLOWFISH. Get your hangover cure at and use our promo code SMBFISH for 15% off.

-4 beers reviewed and a Rocky drunk scene.


-We review the film in both spoiler-free and spoiler sections. 

-Nick gives us his script ideas for Creed III



November 24th, 2018    

Ep 123: Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald Review


-Jay puts on aa freak show by just going to mall as assholes are enamored by his height.

-Dave has a Stranger Things VR experience.

-Jay discusses The Girl in the Spider's Web, and The Bodyguard on Netflix (yes we sing Whitney Houston).

-Dave discusses an indie zombie movie The Night Eats the World, and the Netflix original movie CAM.


-Chris Pratt is tagged it for lead in another franchise.

-John Williams will be doing an original score for Disney Parks Star Wars Land.

-Film writer William Goldman dies at 87.

-Cereal companies want to make movies out of their mascots.

-Christopher Nolan wants to save FilmStruck.

-Ezra Miller claims Flash movie is not dead.

-Mark Hamill to retun as Luke Skywalker in Ep IX but not a s force ghost?


-Dave and Lauren break down the teaser trailer for Lion King live action movie.

-Reactions from Twitter followers.


-Dave, Jay and Lauren each review a beer and we check out a Wizarding World drunk scene.

-Brought to by our sponsor BLOWFISH head over to and use our promo code SMBFISH for 15% off.


-Lauren and Jay argue over the merits of the movie.

-In spoiler section Lauren and Dave break down the greater implications of the movie to the entire Wizarding World franchise.


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November 17th, 2018    

Ep 122: Excelsior! Top 5 Stan Lee Cameos for True Believers


-Jay goes to a sexy party and learns about being a power bottom.

-Dave loses the use of his hands from chemical burns and learns of the horrors of Christmas shopping in a Toys R Us less world.

-Jay watched some truly boring movies, but does discuss a good one with Mid 90's.

-Dave talks about A Simple Favor and argues the finer points of Anna Kendrick over Blake Lively with Jay.


5min(ish) REVIEW

-Dave and Jay review and gush over OVERLORD. Which just be on Dave's list for movies of the year. 



-Philadelphia votes for a mascot in this years mid-term election.

-Idris Elba is sexy. 

-Breaking Bad is getting a movie.

-Kingsmen 3 without Eggsy.

-Disney pushes hard for the Oscar noms for Infinity War and Black Panther.

-Disney Streaming Services has and official name and a line up of MCU and Star Wars shows in development.

-The world loses an icon as Stan Lee passes away at age 95.



-Jay discusses 2 indie films. The Miseducation of Cameron Post, and Eight Grade.

-Jay learns who Bo Burnham is.

-Dave makes up a fake synopsis.



-Sponsored by BLOWFISH hangover cure. Go to and use promo code SMBFISH for 15% off your order.

-Stan Lee drunk scene.

-Two new craft beer reviews.



-From the big screen to the small screen, in comics, and in real life, we remember the man who made all of us feel that one person can make a difference and there is a hero inside all of us "Nuff said!"

-Dave 100% cries.

-We give our top 5 favorite Stan Lee Cameos ever.


Thanks for listening "True Believers" 

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