Ep 97: Deadpool 2 Raw Doggin W/ You


Jay eats a baby poop burger. Dave has a very speciaal cocktail for the Epic Film Guys Live Streaam for the Cure but he himself may be dying. Jay is the raw doggin champion and is such a gentlemen about it. 

Jay gives his impressions on Tully 

Dave Gives his impressions on Netfilx Original Cargo

In News, Dave discusses the possible future of 'A Star Wars Story' films with the possibility of a Lando film and the confirmation of the Obi-Wan film, possibly with out Ewan McGregor. Jay discusses the incusion of Halle Berry in John Wick 2. Jay brings up the casting of Jaake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio in Spider-Man Homecoming 2. Dave gives Jay a history lesson on Sony and their past proposed films in the Spider-Man universe and wonders how marketing for Homecoming 2 will work as it comes out 2 months after Infinity War 2 and we all know what happened with a *SNAP*

Indie Corner Jay talks about the indie film Too Late and Dave has a fake synopsis.

Beer reviews with a Solodrunk scene, we also discuss proper condom etiquette 

Finally Dave and Jay review and laugh about Deadpool 2 complete with spolier and non-spoiler sections and easter eggs. 

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