Ep 94: Movie Cocktail Event Horizon


Super Movie Bros are Back again for another installment of Movie Cocktail to discuss Event Horizon. Dave and Jay are joined by Rob from The Fan Film Boyz Podcast and Marc of Cult Movie Cult Podcast. We discuss the film, its troubled production, and the "unique" borrowed visions of its director Paul W.S. Anderson. We also wonder if an entire generation is remebering this movie incorrectly which has warrented an almost cult status that may or may not be deserved. So sit back. Make the cocktail. And enjoy as Jay gets excited and licks the cream from his fingers.


This month's cocktail


The Sam Neillopolitan



  • 2 Scoops Chocolate Ice Cream
  • 2 Oz Bourbon


  • 2 Scoops Strawberry Ice Cream
  • 2 Oz Vodka


  • 2 Scoops Vanilla Ice Cream 
  • 2 Oz Coconut Rum




-Add about 1 Oz Milk 2 each

-Blend each separately and pour into glass one at a time layering each ice cream/booze shake.

-Serve with a mini ice cream cone on top

-Enjoy with a straw


*for picture perfect layered results re-freeze each mixture in freezer before adding next layer*



Event Horizon is a film that has been slowly gaining cult status since its release in 1997. The film stands apart from other sci-fi films due to its dark gothic imagery in a science fiction setting. It is layered with blood and gore as well as deep sci-if elements. Event Horizon sought to be original while borrowing elements from some of the director’s (Paul W.S. Anderson) favorite sci-fi and horror films. While it may be a far from perfect film, it is loved and certainly has it fans. 

    It’s for these reasons that Dave decided to make his cocktail as bold and different, with as many layers as Even Horizon itself. The name of the drink pays homage to Sam Niell himself. When enjoyed with a straw the cocktail flavor blend and change as you consume it. The same way Dr. Weir changes and blends his personality with the ship. So get your blender out and enjoy a Sam Neillopolitan Cocktail while watch Event Horizon. 


Check out all the Movie Cocktail recipes at www.podfixnetwork.com


Thanks for listening. 




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