Ep 83: Fly Cloverfield Fly: On the Road to Super Bowl Trailer Park


Massive Super Bowl sized episode. 

Jay and Dave talk about how elated they are, and the entire city of Philadelphia is, the PHILADELPHIA EAGLES are Super Bowl champions. Dave gives relationship advice to Jay, and Jay will no doubt ignore it. 

After the shocking trailer during the Super Bowl Jay and Dave review Cloverfield Paradox on Netflix. Complete with a "complex" theoretical physics lesson.

All new craft beers for review, and a very special Super Bowl drunk scene from the post game wrap up. 

In what might be the largest Trailer Park SMB has ever done. With the worst intro ever sang, Dave and Jay talk about A Quiet Place, JW: Fallen Kingdom, Mission Impossible Fallout, West World, Sky Scrapper, Avengers Infinity War, and Solo a Star Wars Story. 

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