Ep 81: Movie Cocktail: Weird Science


SMB is back with an all new edition of Movie Cocktail. This time the bros are tackling John Hughes' classic Weird Science. The film was selected by Rob and won the twitter poll. Although Rob had never seen Weird Science, because he thought Weird Science was the same film as My Science Project. Marc and Dave can't get over how "weird" this fim is, its complete lack of science, and just how strange it is for a late 20's something to be attracted to two high school freshmen. While Jay and the rest ponder what happened to John Hughes, and discuss why he left hollywood. So get ready for just how strange the 80's were, and get drunk with your bros and talk about this movie.

This month's cocktail comes to us by Rob, host of the Fan Film Boyz Podcast. The cocktail is called The Electric Venus after the film's Japanese title. Here is the recipe

2oz Coconut Rum

1oz Mindoro Melon

0.5oz Blue Curacao

1.5oz of Sweet & Sour Mix

Serve over ice


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