Ep 78: The Disasters & the Artists: Top 5 Best/Worst of 2017


Its been a lonf time since Jay and Dave have recorded with on another. Dave has seen a ton a movies while he spent the better part of 2 weeks being ill, including Three Billboards and Disaster Artsist. Meanwhile Jay has been hitting the slopes and maybe a few snow bunnies too (he wishes). Dave and Jay also discuss (spoiler-free) Season 4 of Black Mirror on Netflix.

Jay and Dave decide to skip Indie Corner this week infavor of reviewing a real Hollywood movie, The Diaster Artist. 

Beer reviews this month begin and the them is beers selected for us by out favorite beer peddler Christina at out local beer store. With a drunk scene from a John Hughes classic. 

Finally Dave and Jay reveal the results of our twitter polls about the best and worst films reviewed by SMB in 2017. And Jay and Dave discuss their personal Top 5 Best and Worst films in 2017. 


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