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Super Movie Bros Ep 52: Anniversary Pt 2: Never Have I Liked It
Jul 10th, 2017 by Super Movie Bros. at 9:05 pm

SMB is back for the 2nd part of their anniversary. This time they are joined by their PODFIX Network bros John from Now In Technicolor Podcast and Nick From The Epic Film Guys Podcast.

Before going ape shit on eachother for the films they don't like, they slow things down and talk about the beers they are drinking in true SMB form (except Nick his beer reviews were cut out and used in Pt. 1 of the anniversary).

Let the games begin. Dave describes the rules and then the shit hits the fan. Nick as usual hates some movies others universally love. John shits all over one of the biggest films of 2015, and Jay breaks everyone's hearts by bashing on ground breaking franchises and modern classic animated films. Dave hates a Batman movie and so much more. Its 90 minutes of laughter and shade thrown at movies you may love or hate.

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