Ep 109: Upgrade the Teen Titans to a Human Centipede Swallowed By the Meg

August 18th, 2018


- Jay swims with a bunch of kids and makes one cry

- Dave goes to hipster farm to table restraunt and has new ideas for Movie Cocktails. 

- Jay goes on an awufully boring date. 

- Castle Rock on HULU is perfect for fans of Steven King.


- Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

- Upgrade

- The Meg


- The Oscars' shows just how out of touch they are by adding a new category.

- Movie Pass is bleeding money but producing their own original movie?

- Ant-Man and the Wasp is last MCU film to stream on Netflix.

- Disney streaming service will not have rated R content.

- Sony is spliting the Black Cat and Silver Sable movie into two seperate films.

- Sony is pushing for PG-13 rating for Venom.

- James Bond producers want Idris Elba.

- Chris Pine and Chris Helmsworth not likely to return for Star Trek 4.


- Blowfish hangover cure www.forhangovers.com use prmo code SMBFISH for 15% off

- Drunk scene with Jason Statham

- Beer reviews two Iron Hill Brewery beers.


- The Man Who Knew Too Little 

- The Human Centipede


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