Ep 108: Slither Down Under w/ Quigley and Mr. Pibb

August 11th, 2018


Dave and Jay had a bon fire and a lot of beer.

- Jay gets drunk at a golf outing 

- Listener question: What movies have we walkeed out of or couldn't finish? With responces from Twitter. 


- Matt Reeves shed some light on the story for The Batman film.

- Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are making a Monopoly movie?

- Disney doesn't care about any protests. James Gunn is still fired.

- Dave Bautista loses his shit on Twitter over Gunn's removal. 

- DC is making a Legion of Super-Pets movie. Cause the only thing better than super heroes is adding a dogs.

- Sony triples down on Spider-Man villain movie as they announce Kraven the Hunter solo film.

- Lucasfilm announces how they plan to handle Leia's role in Star Wars Episode IX.

- Henry Cavill is requesting to plat Geralt on NETFLIX's The Witcher project. 

- DC is developing a Supergirl movie.

- A legend fades as Robert Redford announces his retirement from acting. 


- A word for our sponsors from BLOWFISH (www.forhangovers.com) use promo code SMBFISH for 15% off.

- Dave is finding renewed obsession with Game of Thrones. So why not a drunk scene from the Hound. 

- Two beers to review from Foreign Objects and Free Will Brewing Co. 

Movie Homeworrk


    -Even when the Patrons pick Jay's movies he still gets scrrewed. He hate watches Slither while Dave swoons over it as much as Mayor Jack MacReady loves his Mr. Pibb.

- Quigley Down Under

    - Assigned by one of our Patrons. Dave watches this one for THE Alan Rickman. And Tom Selleck's mustaches helps steal the show too. 


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