Ep 102: Summer Breeze: Top 5 Summer Movies



- Jay goes to an underwhelming winefest in Northern PA with the hill folk. The wine is too sweet and the women are sour to Jay.

- Dave breaks down the Patreon tiers and has recorder the first Patreon exclusive episode with his sister Kim. 

- Jay has started watching the first season of The Crown on Netflix

- Dave briefly review Hereditary in contrast to Jay's review last week as well as discussing Luke Cage season 2


- Jay and Dave discuss the future of the A Star Wars Story films and the reason for Lucasfilm's yo yo news stories.  

- Casting for IT Chapter 2 

- The title for Spider-Man: Homecoming's sequel is revealed, as well as sony announcing a slew of Spider-Man spin-off films like Silk.

- Jay is excited for AMC's Movie Pass killer, AMC A-List. 

-Dave announces the next Movie Cocktail episode winning film. 


- Predator (2018) Red Ban Trailer

- The Equalizer 2

- Creed II 


- Drunk scene featuring Mike Tyson

TOP 5:

- Dave and Jay provide two extremely different Top 5 lists for Summer Vacation movies. 


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