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Once Upon a Time In The Trailer Park: Ep 163
Aug 3rd, 2019 by Super Movie Bros. at 10:44 pm


-Jay takes a ride that is fun until his friends see him.

-Dave turns another year older.


-Dave re-watches Avatar and discusses with Jay the odds of them actually getting the sequels made and other potential projects that will never get off the ground in Hollywood.

-Jay and Dave both watched and discuss The Boys on Amazon Prime.


-Four trailer park breakdowns 

  -The Lighthouse

  -Little Monsters (2019)

  -The Irishman

  -Zombieland 2: Double Tap


-Brought to you by our sponsor BLOWFISH the hangover cure. Use promo code SMBFISH at check out to help out the show and get a discount out of it too. 

-Dave and Jay review 2 new beers. 


-Jay and Dave review the 9th Quentin Tarantino film in both spoiler-free and spoiler formats.

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