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Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Movie Cocktail
Jan 18th, 2020 by Super Movie Bros. at 10:30 pm

Our Movie Cocktail episode this month is from the 80's Teen Comedies category. The winner in our Twitter poll was the 1986 John Hughes classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off. 

We discuss Ferris Bueller the movie, as well as break down the characters, the fantasy elements of the movie, fan theories, John Hughes himself, and what we think of the movie now as adults. We also share stories about out days off and how we faked sick, as well finding out what our masturbation records are when you stayed home from school (as every young man does when they have a day off).

We have and all new original cocktail for Ferris Bueller's Day Off. But instead of paying homage to Ferris we decided to pay homage to Cameron (the character we all really relate to). This drink is called Cameron's Day Off Cocktail. Here is the recipe and instructions on how to make the drink.

- 2oz Bourbon Barrel Aged Rum

- 2oz Cran-Raspberry Juice

- 1/2oz Lime Juice

- 1/4oz Grenadine Syrup 

*Shake liquids over ice and pour into tumbler glass w/ fresh ice*

- Garnish w/ burnt orange twist wrapped around burnt thyme branch

- Add a lime wheel to rim of glass

- Top w/ fresh raspberries

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