Ep 130 Top 5 Movies of 2018

January 5th, 2019


-It's been two weeks since Dave and Jay have recorded together and they have a little catching up to do.

-Jay and Dave have both been re-watching and catching up on movies they missed in 2018 before doing their Top 5 list.

-Jay has a mini-review of Mary Poppins Returns.

-Dave does a mini-review for Back Mirror: Bandersnatch.

5Min(ish) REVIEW

-Dave and Jay do a spoiler free review of Netflix's Bird Box in 5ish mins.


-Jay and Dave have 2 new craft beers to review for you from Cape May Brewing Co. 

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-Indie podcast spotlight on Cult Movie Cult


-Dave recounts his days with a stomach virus concocted by the devil that caused him to expel the visuals described in Dante's Inferno into the toilet both orally and anally.

-Jay and Dave give their lists for their favorite movies (not the best, their favorite) of 2018.

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Good luck in 2019.



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