Ep 128 Love Actually Movie Cocktail Christmas Special

December 24th, 2018

Ep 128 has to come a little early due to Christmas and so Dave and Jay can take a week off before the New Year.

Dave and Jay wish the listeners and close a very Merry Christmas and issue many thanks for this being SMB's best year yet. 

Its not all Christmas cheer. Dave and Hay bah humbug into a new Trailer Park for HellBoy (2019) and MiB: International. Trailer Park music composed by Thomas Iannucci. Check him out on Spotify.  

Jay signs off until 2019 and Dave is joined by Lauren for a Christmas Special Movie Cocktail on one of Lauren's favorite movies 'Love Actually'. And she makes an all new cocktail called the 'Whiskey "Solid Gold Shit Maestro" Sour'. Check out the recipe on our Twitter and Facebook pages or check out all Movie Cocktail recipes on the PODFIX website. Or just make it from the recipe here. 

-2oz Bullet Bourbon
-1 cup Cranberry Juice
-1/4 Cup Orange Juice
-3 TSP Lime juice
-2 TSP Lemon Juice
-1 TSP egg white.
*Poured over ice
*Mint leaves and cranberries for garnish
*Dusting of cinnamon spice on top of the froth


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