Ep 124 Creed II Review and Friendsgiving Too w/ Epic Film Guys

December 1st, 2018


-For the first time ever we are joined by Nick and Justin of the Epic Film Guys Podcast for the entire show.

-Dave and Jay recount their Friendsgiving shenanigans and epic hangovers that resulted from it.

-Dave and Jay catch up with Nick and Justin about their Thanksgivings and what everyone has been watching. Jay finds out CAM on Netflix is too depraved, even for him. 

-Also Jay and Justin recount their days filming Creed II. Jay may have a face shot in the movie, but Justin got to meet the cast. 


-Brought to you by BLOWFISH. Get your hangover cure at www.forhangovers.com and use our promo code SMBFISH for 15% off.

-4 beers reviewed and a Rocky drunk scene.


-We review the film in both spoiler-free and spoiler sections. 

-Nick gives us his script ideas for Creed III



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