Ep 115: The Crimes of Jay’s Top 10 Movie Scores

September 29th, 2018


- Jay goes to a country music concert and sees Hootie, but doesn't meet any hotties.

- Dave watches American Vandal S2 and laughs about poop far too much for a 32 year old man.


- Disney streaming service 

   - MCU spin-offs coming to Disney Streaming

   - John Cusack replaced by Zoe Kravitz in Disney's High Fidelity series

- Ryan Coogler jumps on as producer of Space Jam 2 so maybe it'll actually come out after 5 years of talking about it

- Disney confirms the MCU to take over X-Men after merger. Kinda a no brainer right?

- Matthew Vaughn and FOX will make a Kingsmen 3, now with 20% more Tatum

- DC and Todd Phillips won't shut up about their Joker film with Joaquin Phoenix

   - DC also contiues to plan 900 movies w/ Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn including a Joker and Harley movie that is part This Is Us and part Bad Santa?

   - Casting news on the Birds of Prey film. 

- Bond 25 gets a "True" director

- Disney and Lucasfilm agree to slow down production of Star Wars films cause the goose that laid the golden egg has cancer


- Dave and His wife Lauren break down the trailer for The Wizarding World's Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

- Dave discusses his recent love for Harry Potter lore and how this movie will expand on it

- Lauren mostly makes fun of Jay


- Jay and Dave begin reviewing OKTOBERFEST beers

- All new drunk scene is Terminated

- Go buy some Blowfish would ya (www.forhangovers.com) use promo code SMBFISH for 15% your order.

TOP 10: Movie Scores

- Jay not content with a list of 5 decided we needed to countdown our top 10 movie scores

- A very special thank you to listeners for making this a huge month for SMB

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Thanks for listening


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