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Alien 3: Movie Cocktail: Ep 166
Aug 25th, 2019 by Super Movie Bros. at 2:42 am

It's that time of the month again. Not the time you are thinking of though...Ya know when you have to put a towel down on the bed to have sexual relations without making a huge mess. It's Movie Cocktail time. This time around the category was Horror Movie Franchise Films, Past The Third Installment. This category was provided to us by our Patron Dudi. 

Four films were nominated and the fans on twitter voted. For better or worse, this month we are discussing Alien 3 (1992) directed by David Fincher. Alien is a beloved franchise. So we decided we needed some stiff drinks to discuss Alien 3, as it was the beginning of the franchises' demise. We have two drinks for you this month. The first comes from Dave and the second is the main course cocktail, which was developed by Marc. 

Face Hugger Shot

1/2oz Vanilla Vodka

1/2oz Coffee Liqueur 

1tsp Simple Syrup 

1/2tsp Irish Cream *drizzled slowly over shot glass*

Geiger's Cup O' Joe 

2 Cups hot coffee

1oz Kraken Black Rum

1oz Coffee liqueur

Dash of biters

Sugar *optional*

These two drinks are best when done together. Grab that Face Hugger shot, shoot it down, and enjoy yourself a hot mug of Geiger's Cup O' Joe. 

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