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June 2nd, 2018    

Super Movie Bros Ep 98: Solo: A Star Wars Masters of Teras Kasi Story


It was Memorial Day so Dave re-watched Band of Brothers. Jay celebrated by partying with co-eds at the beach and getting a high thighed massage. 

In news we got stories on Netflix's networth, James Mangold directing a Boba Fett film, and lamenting over the MiB spin-off.

All new Jay's Indie Corner for The Monster (streaming on Amazon Prime), with a fake synopsis from Dave.

In beers we have a new Star Wars drunk scene (sort of) and two of the most mediocre beers we've reviewed to date.

Finally we review Solo: A Star Wars Story with spoiler-free and spoiler sections. There are plenty of easter eggs and speculations to go around and Dave has you covered in that department.

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See you next week for Movie Cocktail; Masters of the Universe. 



May 26th, 2018    

Super Movie Bros Ep 97: Deadpool 2 Raw Doggin W/ You


Jay eats a baby poop burger. Dave has a very speciaal cocktail for the Epic Film Guys Live Streaam for the Cure but he himself may be dying. Jay is the raw doggin champion and is such a gentlemen about it. 

Jay gives his impressions on Tully 

Dave Gives his impressions on Netfilx Original Cargo

In News, Dave discusses the possible future of 'A Star Wars Story' films with the possibility of a Lando film and the confirmation of the Obi-Wan film, possibly with out Ewan McGregor. Jay discusses the incusion of Halle Berry in John Wick 2. Jay brings up the casting of Jaake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio in Spider-Man Homecoming 2. Dave gives Jay a history lesson on Sony and their past proposed films in the Spider-Man universe and wonders how marketing for Homecoming 2 will work as it comes out 2 months after Infinity War 2 and we all know what happened with a *SNAP*

Indie Corner Jay talks about the indie film Too Late and Dave has a fake synopsis.

Beer reviews with a Solodrunk scene, we also discuss proper condom etiquette 

Finally Dave and Jay review and laugh about Deadpool 2 complete with spolier and non-spoiler sections and easter eggs. 

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May 19th, 2018    

Super Movie Bros Ep 96: Cobra Kai, Wes Anderson, Never Die


Jay breaks his dry spell with a little after a shmancy/fancy Great Gatsby party. Dave goes to a beerfest for a single beer which we review. 

Dave watched the entire Cobra Kai series on YouTubeRed and was inspired to revisit the original three Karate Kid movies.

In Trailer Park Jay and Dave break down the trailers for Shane Black's 2018 Predator film and Spike Lee's new joint BLACKkKLANSMAN.

Finally Dave and Jay discuss the filmography of Wes Anderson and and Dave gives his brief impressions on Isle of Dogs. 

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May 13th, 2018    

Super Movie Bros Ep 95: Indiana Jones and the Fickle Fans


Jay updates us all on life in the dating world. Dave wintnesses one the greatest moments of drunk tom foolery ever. 

All new Trailer Park for Ant-man and the Wasp and Luke Cage Season 2

Brnd new craft beer reviews and a Wolverine drunk scene 

New segment. Chenge my mind. Indiana Jones: and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull isn't that bad. for all other PODFIX shows use promo code SMBFISH for 15% off.


May 5th, 2018    

Super Movie Bros Ep 94: Movie Cocktail Event Horizon


Super Movie Bros are Back again for another installment of Movie Cocktail to discuss Event Horizon. Dave and Jay are joined by Rob from The Fan Film Boyz Podcast and Marc of Cult Movie Cult Podcast. We discuss the film, its troubled production, and the "unique" borrowed visions of its director Paul W.S. Anderson. We also wonder if an entire generation is remebering this movie incorrectly which has warrented an almost cult status that may or may not be deserved. So sit back. Make the cocktail. And enjoy as Jay gets excited and licks the cream from his fingers.


This month's cocktail


The Sam Neillopolitan



  • 2 Scoops Chocolate Ice Cream
  • 2 Oz Bourbon


  • 2 Scoops Strawberry Ice Cream
  • 2 Oz Vodka


  • 2 Scoops Vanilla Ice Cream 
  • 2 Oz Coconut Rum




-Add about 1 Oz Milk 2 each

-Blend each separately and pour into glass one at a time layering each ice cream/booze shake.

-Serve with a mini ice cream cone on top

-Enjoy with a straw


*for picture perfect layered results re-freeze each mixture in freezer before adding next layer*



Event Horizon is a film that has been slowly gaining cult status since its release in 1997. The film stands apart from other sci-fi films due to its dark gothic imagery in a science fiction setting. It is layered with blood and gore as well as deep sci-if elements. Event Horizon sought to be original while borrowing elements from some of the director’s (Paul W.S. Anderson) favorite sci-fi and horror films. While it may be a far from perfect film, it is loved and certainly has it fans. 

    It’s for these reasons that Dave decided to make his cocktail as bold and different, with as many layers as Even Horizon itself. The name of the drink pays homage to Sam Niell himself. When enjoyed with a straw the cocktail flavor blend and change as you consume it. The same way Dr. Weir changes and blends his personality with the ship. So get your blender out and enjoy a Sam Neillopolitan Cocktail while watch Event Horizon. 


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May 5th, 2018    

Super Movie Bros Ep 94: Movie Cocktail Event Horizon


April 30th, 2018    

Super Movie Bros: Avengers: Infinity War Premium Review


BONUS EPISODE this week as Dave and Jay are joined by Dave's wife Lauren to review Avengers: Infinity War to wrap up their month of Marvel. The review comes in both spoiler-free (first 20 minutes) and spoiler-full (20 mins onward). So if you've seen Infinity War give it w whirl. 

Be sure to follow us on Twitter @SuperMoviePod to comment on this episode and any other. 

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April 28th, 2018    

Super Movie Bros Ep 93: Super Tropper 2 Misses the Key & MCU Phase 3


Jay gets a Bumble date. Dave's kid turns 4 and getsher lip split. Jay has reviews for 'You Were Never Really Her'e, and Dave thought it was a sequel to 'I'm Still Here' and Love Simon. Dave reviews Super Troopers 2 and realizes that the film is marketed to a VERY specific demographic. 

MCU News stories on a Nova and The Eternals movie, How the MCU could use Namor: The Submariner, and we get our first look at the real Venom. 

Our final MCU Drunk scene in beer reviews.

And finally Dave is Joined by John from Now In Technicolor Podcast to do the final Lightning Round of MCU films for Phase 3 in anticipation for our review of Avengers: Infinity War (due out Monday April 30th)

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April 21st, 2018    

Super Movie Bros Ep 92: Rampage on MCU Phase 2


Jay goes on a middle aged Myrtle Beach trip and realizes he is too old to party. And has no more mojo with young ladies. 

Dave reviews The Rock's Rampage and questions how many helicopters crashes does it take for The Rock to tap out?

In news Jay can't find the words to describe his dislike of IT Chapter 2 casring updates, WB partners with Spielberg for Blackhawk, and Harley Quinn movie Birds of Prey finds a director.

All new Indie Corner for I <3 Huckabees with a fake synopsis

All new craft beer reviews with a Guardians of the Galaxy drunk scene. Get you Blowfish hangover cure at and use code SMBFISH at checkout to recieve 15% off your order and never lose at the game of drink again.

Finally Dave is joined again by Wes (ViaVHS Podcast) and John (Now In Technicolor Podcast) for Phase 2 Marvel lightning round. Find out what they love and loathe in the MCU and what Wes' MySpace account is all about. 

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April 14th, 2018    

Super Movie Bros Ep 91: A Quiet Place for Fun: MCU Phase One


Jay has an awful experience as and extra in a movie. Dave's daughter has a head harder than Thor's Hammer. Sorry no new updates on Jay's love lfe.

Jay saw nothing, Dave briefly talks about Only The Brave with Josh Brolin and Miles Teller

Review for A Quiet Place, but Dave isn't so sure this film is as good as the rest world thinks it is. 

All new Trailer Park for Meg, Upgrade, and the final Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer, now with at least double the wookies. Don't just get the origin of Han Solo, you get the origin of everything he wears too. 

All new Craft Beer Reviews and another MCU drunk scene, this one is a deleted scene. Deep cuts!

Dave is joined by Wes of Via VHS and John from Now In Technicolor for MCU Phase One lighting round discussion. Six movies, five minutes to discuss each. Good luck keeping up. 

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