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November 18th, 2017    

Super Movie Bros. Ep 71: Pimp’n in the Dawn of the Dead


Jay has been Pimp'n in his off time, Dave re-watched some of the best films from the summer.

In news they discuss the Star Wars TV series for Disney streaming and the neewly announced Star Wars Trilogy sans Skywalkers.

Jay discusses 'Chuck' in Indie Corner and Dave has a fake synopsis involving the Nicktoons.

Stout month continues in beers.

And we catch up on Jay and Dave's movie homework assignments.Dave reviews Michael Clayton and Jay reviews George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead.

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November 12th, 2017    

Super Movie Bros. Ep 70: Intro to Movie Homework


Jay and Dave talk about their week and what they have been up to since the last episode. Jay has a run in with an older woman. Dave catches the vomit of his child in a crowded restraurant. 

In news they talk about casting in the DCEU film Shazaam and the talks between FOX and Disney over film properties. 

In indie corner Jay talk about the Taika Waititi film What We Do In The Shadows and Dave has a fake synopsis.

In beers they continue stout month with a stout from Red Stripe and a stout from Oskar Blues. 

Finally a new segment is introduced, Movie Homework, whereDave assigns 3 movies to Jay and vice versa. Jay will have to watch George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn. And Dave will have to watch 3 of Jay's Indie films including one in French The Diving Bell and Butterfly, Michael Clayton, and A Single Man. 

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November 7th, 2017    

Super Movie Bros: Premium Review: Thor: Ragnarok


Dave and Jay review Thor: Ragnarok in spoiler and spoiler free sections complete with easter eggs.



November 4th, 2017    

Super Movie Bros. Ep 69: Juuuust a Bit Outside Stranger Things 2


Ep 69.

Dave and Jay recap what they did for their Halloween party art Broken Goblet brewery. Then they discuss what they have watched this week, Mindhunter and Stranger Things Season 2.

Tons of news stories this week. Kevin Spacey pedophilia, Adam Driver interview about The Last Jedi, DC casting and director news, and Blade Runner: 2049 continues to fail. 

In indie corner Jay discusses Bluejay and Dave has a fake synopsis

For beer reviews Jay and Dave discuss one of their favorite minor characters from Major League, the drunk half hearted announcer Harry Doyle.

Finally Jay and Dave review Stranger Things Season 2 in both non-spoiler and spoiler sections. They also discuss their favorite characters, moments, and easter eggs/references. 

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October 29th, 2017    

Super Movie Bros. Ep 68: Top 5 Zombie Movies


Ep 68 is finally here after some technical difficulties. Dave and Jay review their final pumpkin beers of the year and have a new drunk scene from one of Dave's favorite zombie movies. 

Then Dave and Jay run down their Top 5 Zombie movies ever. Dave makes fun of Jay's list as Jay does his best to defend himself and his list. 

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October 20th, 2017    

SMB Ep 67: Movie Cocktail: Super Troopers


Super Movie Brothers are back with this month's Movie Cocktail. This time we are discussing Broken Lizard's Super Troopers with Marc and Rob. 

This Month's film inspired cocktail is...

Thorney's Maple Mustache Ride 

2 oz Bourbon

1 oz Apple juice

1/2 oz Maple syrup

2 dashes bitters

Stir and garnish w/ a Cinnamon stick and an apple wedge

Serve in a tumbler with ice or preferably a whisky ball


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October 14th, 2017    

Super Movie Bros Ep 66: The Last Jedi, Reversed Indie Corner, and Gummy Blow Jobs


Dave and Jay are back!

This week Jay met a lady of the night and met some unsavory characters in an after hours bar in Philly

Dave went to NYC and met up with fellow PODFIX Network bro Dudi of Shaken Not Nerd. And recounts the tale of the last time Dave was in NYC.

Dave gives his impressions on Gerald's Game on Netflix

News on Hollywood sex scandals, Fast and Furious Spin-offs, and the director for the X-Men Sinp-off starring Channing Tatum.

This time there is a revese Indie Corner where Jay does the fake synopsis and Dave has an indie film to share. 

In beer segment Dave and Jay share a new drunk scene from The 40 Year Old Virgin and 2 new Pumpkin Beers.

And finally in Trailer Park Dave and Jay discuss Justice League Final Trailer and Trailer number 2 for Star Wars Ep VIII: The Last Jedi. One they like, one they don't.


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October 11th, 2017    

Super Movie Bros: Premium Review: Blade Runner 2049


Dave and Jay review one of their most anticipated films of the year Blade Runner 2049. As always review is split into spoiler-free and spoiler sections. Listen as Dave and jay sound like apes attempting to put square pegs in round holes as they dissect and attempt to understand the meanings of them film beyond plot. 

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October 7th, 2017    

Super Movie Bros Ep 65: Top 5 Most Dissapointing Sequels


Dave and Jay catch up and discuss the shit they have been watching this week. Jay goes to the country club and Dave has some rough times at the Renaissance Faire. Then Dave runs down this week's news items.

A brief Trailer Park for Alex Garland's Annihilation. And Dave and Jay are pumped for it. 

In Indie Corner Jay and Dave discuss Milk and get into a discussion about the ups and downs of Gus Van Sant's career. And of course there is a fake synopsis. 

In Beer Reviews Jay and Dave begin their month of pumpkin beer reviews. And to make it a little easier on him Dave selected a very special drunk scene from one of his favorite films, JAWS, to share with you. 

Finally Dave and Jay give their personal lists for their Top 5 Most Dissapointing Sequels and discuss how each of these films were a kick in the groinal gonads. 


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October 1st, 2017    

Super Movie Bros Ep 64: Tomb Raiding The Isle of Dogs


Jay and Dave catch up after 2 weeks being off. Jay took the seat off his bike during the MS charity ride cause he liked the way it felt. Dave and Jay went to a beerfest together. Jay wants to talk about Mother so badly but Dave refuses to see it and revals a dark secret about himself and Aronofsky.

In news Dave discusses Terminator 6, Star Wars: Han Solo, and casting for M. Night Shyamalan's Glass.

In Indie Corner Jay can't find the words to explain why you should see the movie Enemy and Dave doesn't have enough in him to do a fake synopsis. 

In beers Dave has a Lager from Victory Brewing Company, and Jay has an Allagash beer.

In Trailer Park Dave and Jay discuss Murder on the Orient Express, Tomb Raider, and Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs. 


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