Ep 93: Super Tropper 2 Misses the Key & MCU Phase 3


Jay gets a Bumble date. Dave's kid turns 4 and getsher lip split. Jay has reviews for 'You Were Never Really Her'e, and Dave thought it was a sequel to 'I'm Still Here' and Love Simon. Dave reviews Super Troopers 2 and realizes that the film is marketed to a VERY specific demographic. 

MCU News stories on a Nova and The Eternals movie, How the MCU could use Namor: The Submariner, and we get our first look at the real Venom. 

Our final MCU Drunk scene in beer reviews.

And finally Dave is Joined by John from Now In Technicolor Podcast to do the final Lightning Round of MCU films for Phase 3 in anticipation for our review of Avengers: Infinity War (due out Monday April 30th)

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