Ep 90: Fifty Shades of Ready Player One


Episode so huge Jay and Dave now have lower back problems. 

Jay goes on a date with surprising results. 

Dave and his wife have begun their MCU rewatch of all the films leading up to Avengers: Infinity War. 

Jay saw and indie, so Indie Corner is back with an all new fake synopsis for Marc Webb's 'The Only Living Boy in New York'

Dave and Jay both saw Ready Player One and they are here to review it in as spoiler free fashion as possible. Is Spielberg back? Or are his days of the big blockbuster films over? It's been 15 years since he has had a huge film like Ready Player One. How does it hold up?

Finally Jay and Dave have a few news stories on on FOX's X-Men universe and the huge delays on New Mutants and Dark Phoenix. 

Two new craft beers to review and another drunk scene, this one with Batman. 

Finally Jay and Dave watched all three of the Fifty Shades films and are baffled at how bad they are. But they were a Movie Homework assigned by Justin from So I Married a Movie Geek Podcast. We are sorry. 

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