Ep 88: The Countdown to Annihilation


It was St. Patty's Day and Jay just got another year older.

Dave talks about an awesome Star Wars VR experience courtesy of The Void. 

Jay makes fun of Dave's non-existent NETFLIX watch list as Dave watches a zombie film on Shudder called 'It Stains the Sand Red.

Small Trailer Park for Avengers: Infinity War 2nd trailer. And Jay and Dave a far less impressed with this trailer for some very specific reasons

This week's drunk scene comes straight out of an Alex Garland film 'Ex Machina'. Jay implies Dave has a similar God complex to a character in the film. Two new craft beer reviews. Check out all our beer reviews on the UNTAPPD App. 

Finally Dave and Jay get to discuss and review the movie they both had on their top 5 most anticipated films of 2018 lists. Its beeen 2 weeks since Annihilation was released in the US in theaters and now the rest of the world gets it streaming on Netflix. Dave and Jay couldn't do it alone, so they invited an international guest all the way from the other side of the world in Perth AUS, Paul from The Countdown Movie & Television Reviews Podcast joins to discuss, review, and dissect this film. Listen as Dave tries to appear too smart, Jay attempts to explain, and Paul incites and instigates arguments about Annihilation.

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As always thanks for listening and CHEERS!!! 

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