Super Movie Bros. Ep 56: SMB Now in Technicolor


Dave is minus Jay this week. But thaat ok as John from Now in Tenicolor Podcast is here to fill in while Jay is on vacation.

John spend some quality bonding time with his son while Dave and his daughter bond over the How to Train Your Dragon films.

Dave runs down S7 Ep3 of Game of Thrones "The Queen's Justice"

Since Jay is out we dropped Indie Corner this weel for John's own Technicolor corner. John has brought The Last Dragon (1985) for us to discuss. Dave comes up with a fake synopsis that is no where near as crazy as The Last Dragon actually is. Super Sayians and mild racism is what is found out exists in The Last Dragon.

Jphn joins Dave in beer reviews this week to close out our summer beer spotlight by drinking a Pennsylvania Tuxedo and Dave drinks (sigh) another Flying Dog.

In Trailer PARK!!!! Dave and John discuss the trailers for Flatliners (2017), It (2017), and Pacific Rim 2: Uprising. We pepper in discussions about how bad the Dark Tower looks and what made the book so amazing. And spend a lot of time discussing how bad Pacific Rim 2 looks and why it shouldnt even be made.


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